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holiday photo mashup.

a few other holiday-time photos. no real structure here, for your viewing enjoyment only.

and in the spirit of year-end wrap-ups, i am very proud of myself for reading a total of 16 books in 2012!


wind cave

wind cave

mini golf



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summer into fall 2012

i’m going to update the blog more. i’m a little tired of facebook and other social media outlets.

here are some of my favorite photos from this summer/fall. the fair, a day trip to bend, and of course ninja.

fair 5

fair 4

fair 3

fair 1

fair 2


smith rock

smith rock

october ninja

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april 2012

life since the holidays has been a tough adjustment. considering our options, trying to stay dry and warm, finding time to do something other than work eat and sleep. march marked the ‘official’ 5 year anniversary of me and the day job. the next few weeks should bring little sleep followed by a possible huge and exciting change. portland has been a cold cloudy mess lately, and while the rest of the country is experiencing record warm and spring-like weather, i have awoken to snow a half dozen times. and windy sideways rain that makes me wonder why i even attempt to look presentable when i leave the house.

ninja 4.1.12
ninja 4.1.12

ninja, always finding the sliver of sunshine.


what’s in a name?

yep, i changed the name of this little blog. as it sat unused for so long, ryan decided to branch off into a blog-itory of his own. i sense life changes up ahead, and the name and focus of this blog, once it revives, may change again. for now, please check out the ryan, of kate and ryan in portland fame, over here:

iame  10.29.11

click on the photo above to be taken to ninja defense

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goodbye june

the last few days of june are here, and my goals sit mostly unfinished! at least i tried – or did i? i sort of hit a rut mid-month, and decided that the most important thing for me was to work (obviously) and spend time with ninja. after mom visited ninja hit a low point – or maybe that was me? flea medicine seems to have helped [him] bounce back. windows have been opened around the house, and now both of us are feeling fine.

each day we patiently wait for ryan to return. in ninja-time, ryan has probably been gone for about 6 months!
ninja 6.28.11
i’m working on my 4th book of the year toward my 12 book goal. it is unlikely i will finish it and start another by tomorrow, but i’m still focused on my 12 by september! and many other would-be goals are swimming around in my head. i can hardly believe the year is half over. one step closer to christmas! i may be the only person who wants to hear that, but it is true. i read a recipe this morning for a banana almond milk shake with christmas-y spices, and it sounds like a perfect warm weather treat, if only we had a blender. i will have to settle for ice cream for now i suppose, in very un-christmas-y flavors.


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rat race

so many things i’m trying to balance with sleep and the day job. all the while trying not to let it get me down!
book #3

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summer memories
there once was a time when we could leave the house in t-shirts and shorts. and sunscreen.

these days however we spend much time indoors, sifting through old jackets, turning on heaters, pulling on socks. taking iphone photos of things in, because it is too rainy and depressing to be out.

camera + 1
  camera +4

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back to work

the apartment is so clean. so. clean. although i have fallen into some sort of Netflix vortex, i managed to get a lot of stuff done this weekend that i could have easily pushed aside. i’m glad i did, as this week is sure to bring some late nights and weekend shifts. if spring can just hold off for a few more weeks, i may be able to pull through.

working from home
ninja 3.21.11

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week recap

the truth is i just haven’t been taking many photographs lately. sure, times are busy, work is busy, but i’m letting it fly by. ryan leaves in a week for a short tour, so this weekend so far has been filled with work, work, and looming errands.

last night ryan had a show in deep SE, where the bar patrons were almost more entertaining that he was. he put on a great set though, so hopefully someone was paying attention.

i’ll try to get back to the blog this week. the first big deadline at the day job is tuesday, which hopefully means next weekend i can relax in quiet vacuuming bliss, missing ryan of course.

 meadows 2
 meadows 1

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weekend part 1

my work week was LONG, ending with extra hours and an in-office party. the weekend was welcome, and although originally planned to be spent alone it turned into a regular old kate&ryan fest, complete with marathon work sessions, hummus and netflix.

 it snowed!
 friday night hh
 hard at work
 green room
 slow cat

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