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the hunt

ryan and i are apartment hunting. our lease is up at the end of June, and we found out last month that our building (4 townhouses) is going into foreclosure. fortunately for us, we will probably not at all be effected by the foreclosure. the house is going on the market, yadda yadda, how does it feel to know that the rent you pay is not actually going toward the roof over your head!? also fortunate, we have a rental management company, and have not been abandoned. another fortunate turn, we have only been here 3 years, versus one of our neighbors who is going on 14+. hopefully for her she gets to stay, i’m sure this is truly her home.

the past 3 years have been fun. i always wanted to live in a house with stairs. there are positives, and i’m sure when we find the right place to go, we will look back somewhat fondly on this place. but i will not shed a tear if it is torn down and recreated either. sometimes the floor gives out, and i worry that the upstairs bathroom will one day end up in the living room. oh, and an earthquake would render it a pile of toothpicks, if you know what i mean. still, it has become our home, even if the home in it is really just made up by the three of us.

as i search for a new roof, i’m struck by the crazy vacancy wars happening in this town. we are decidedly getting a steal here (see above, bathroom falling through ceiling) and we will be hard pressed to find something similar. you see, i can look out of my bedroom window and see downtown. i can walk there in merely a mile. my bus ride to work takes 15 minutes and i don’t want an hour commute. my list of don’t wants and wants adds up pretty evenly, and lets just say barring some sort of windfall or fantastical promotion (hey, it could happen someday!) we don’t have a lot of choices. close but in an old creaky shoebox, far away in a house and close to nothing. for a person who doesn’t drive and one who depends on timely arrival 5 days a week this creates quite a situation. did you know that parking in my office building is $215 per month!? not in my budget, sorry.

this has lead me to pinterest, and inspiring small space decoration. i see us definitely downgrading in size and hopefully upgrading in other areas. like bathroom space. and clean floors. and uncompromised foundations. i’ll keep you posted.

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the thing about blogs

i read an ever-changing list of blogs. mostly they contain more photos than words, mostly they are bright and positive and not political. fashion, design, lifestyle. the thing about blogs is that things sometimes look perfect. the bookshelf ironically color coded. the kitchen clean and tidy with matching accessories. blogs give me this longing for another space, a new set of ‘things’. i feel that my own environment does not match what i see online, and that breeds a strange dissatisfaction.

my home is not organized and comes with no dreamy filter. there are often crumbs on the counter and coffee stains near the sink. i don’t have a paper towel roll holder, so the paper towels just sit out on the counter, for all to see. we eat dinner every night at our coffee table, because we have no space for a dinner table, and our TV is usually on. my bookshelf is dusty and may have various items balancing on top at any given time. did i mention things get dusty? my cat has a million toys that i can’t seem to pair down that overflow their basket and flow down our stairs. the front windows need to be cleaned, and i have a $10 mirror propped up against the wall where i decide how i look each day. things aren’t perfect here, but i could rearrange them for the sake of a photograph to make it enviable. i really could, and then they would pop back out into normal life mode, filling the space up again.

i love reading blogs, but real life isn’t always so defined. it is messy and dusty, sometimes¬†really¬†dusty, but it is mine and it is honest and i love it.