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summer into fall 2012

i’m going to update the blog more. i’m a little tired of facebook and other social media outlets.

here are some of my favorite photos from this summer/fall. the fair, a day trip to bend, and of course ninja.

fair 5

fair 4

fair 3

fair 1

fair 2


smith rock

smith rock

october ninja

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hello blog

to sum up the last month: awful.

the reason: the day job.

status of this blog: wobbly at best until the new year.

i see changes on the horizon, but getting through the end of 2011 will be a stressful struggle. i can only hope to find bright spots and let the stress go as much as possible.

last weekend we took a day trip to seattle for a waffle breakfast. it was a full day of driving, but nice to escape for a minute.


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sunday night we decided to head to the beach. with 90 degree days the norm, and a week full of them to come, it was great to watch the fog roll in over the ocean – along with the cold breeze. we stopped for some food and an ice cream cone (even though we could see our breath in the air!) and caught the sunset. it was a great night, making our long weekend even better.

Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach
Cannon Beach

i have also made the decision to start a 2-month flagrant spending freeze in preparation for our holiday travel plans. although i would say we live simply, i don’t often hesitate at a new pair of shoes, or a new sweater, or a new piece of art, when perhaps i should. SO, in an effort to set aside a little more money for southwestern fun, i will go 4 paychecks spending only on essentials: food (to be eaten at home) and bills. i think that we can do it, although i will allow myself to do holiday shopping/crafting if the opportunity arises. we’ll see how it goes!

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happy halloween!

it has been the most beautiful fall day here and we have seen lots of ghosts and goblins, mario and a bunch of other characters on the streets today – portland loves halloween. i am so excited for november and the holidays that i just can’t wait for october (and election season!) to be through. hope you all had a great weekend!


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le fall

it is officially fall here in Portland. rain, blustery days and cold nights. the weather this week has been the opening ceremony. i keep overhearing that we are destined to have a rough winter – and keep wondering if i should purchase those cute Sorels at Columbia before it is too late…

the cold weather has yet to scare away the farmers market, so i guess i can hang in there a little longer.