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holiday photo mashup.

a few other holiday-time photos. no real structure here, for your viewing enjoyment only.

and in the spirit of year-end wrap-ups, i am very proud of myself for reading a total of 16 books in 2012!


wind cave

wind cave

mini golf



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vacation part 1

we had a wonderful vacation that felt quite full of adventure. taking the cat anywhere is usually an adventure – he is afraid of the smallest and strangest things. like when you gargle water, or move a blanket underneath him. so, what was an end-of-world scenario for the cat, was stressful and exciting at the same time for ryan and i. here are some photos from part 1 – christmas.


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happy holidays

wrapping up things around the house before vacation is tough. this will be our first christmas away from ‘our’ home in 4 years. fortunately we have enjoyed the tree for almost a month, and while ninja is nowhere near over it, i feel OK. the holidays slip by every year and i never feel like i have enjoyed them enough. it isn’t about the gifts and the anticipation of christmas day for me. it is about the season, the lights and music, the warmth. i’m not sure ryan understands it, but you really need only look around to see the special events that surround this season and no other. yes, consumerism – but isn’t that always present these days? i don’t feel pressure to give gifts, to shop for meaningless things because the TV says that i must, but i know others do. that is not what slips by for me.

regardless, i’m looking forward to being back on the road, visiting new as well as familiar places. ready for a little change.

peacock lane 2011
  edible portland


hello again

wow, that was rough. the last 4 months have involved intense staring at spreadsheets, stomach aches over emails and dread of harming client relationships. it is now, however, in the past (and none of my fears came to fruition). this week was my return to normalcy. 7 more work-days to go until we hop in the car toward new adventures. all of us, family style. i realize counting down my life in work-days is probably not a good sign. lets just wait and see how i feel after a 19 day vacation!

in between work and sleep, i somehow managed to tackle holiday shopping. i guess all the stress at work lead me to amazon. my home, on the other hand, could use a bit more holiday cheer. i’m up early today, so we’ll see what happens.

 ninja + tree 2011
 tree 2011


holiday weekend stills

a few shots from my long holiday weekend – and it is not over yet!

orange rolls
owls are hot right now
barista 2
barista 3
barista 1
owls are hot right now

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merry christmas to all

and to all a good night!
so much to be thankful for this year, most importantly family. even though some of you may be far away, you are all in my thoughts and heart tonight.

wonderful life 1
merry ninja

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holiday gifted

a few early holiday gifts


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holiday cheer

today there was SUN! as much as i love portland in the wintertime, it is nice to see the sun come up every once in a while – especially if it means a chilly, christmasy morning.

 sunrise 12.16



this weekend, albeit a long one, went by way too quickly. some seasons seem to whiz right by while others just float along. we went to the mall on saturday, and after being there i realize why some people dislike the holidays. crowds everywhere, angry and confused employees, traffic traffic traffic. thankfully i don’t do much holiday shopping at the local malls, but sometimes they are hard to avoid.

my work christmas party was also this weekend. seems like there were a few less people than years past, and this time we left before the real fun (drinking, dancing) got started. today we ran a few more holiday errands, had some amazing nachos, and held our 2010 holiday photoshoot. i have included a few out-takes.

2010 holiday shoot
2010 holiday shoot2


king arthur delivery

ryan and i have been very fortunate over the past year to receive monthly deliveries of king arthur flour mixes. we have made cinnamon rolls, scones, pancakes, king’s cake, almond filled sweet bread, eggnog sugar cookies, on and on and on. tonight i sorted through my recent deliveries, and decided on cinnamon caramel monkey bread.

king arthur

it is, of course, amazingly delicious. to alleviate a little of the ‘guilt’ we might feel eating this entire thing ourselves, i substituted apple sauce for the butter, cornstarch + water for the eggs, and honey for the corn syrup. fortunately, oh so fortunately, it came out perfect. it even sort of resembles the version from their website! i’m sure it would be even better with the added ingredients they call for, but really, anything i have ever made from king arthur flour has been amazing. whenever i open a new mix, i am guaranteed a delicious treat. the monthly deliveries in 2010 were truly gifts that continue to give. lucky for me, i have a supply of boxes stacked on the shelf for 2011.

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