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last weekend i attended a crazy portland event. Pendleton, well known for their amazing blankets and plaid, created the super hip Portland Collection last year. if you don’t know about this, you clearly don’t read enough fashion blogs – and probably spend your time doing much more productive things. however, the Portland Collection was an inspiration. by inspiration i mean it made me buy a less expensive plaid dress from LLBean Signature that someone might mistake for the Portland Collection. no offense LLBean, i love the dress. at this point in my life however, i am not yet in the market to spend $500 on a coat or $180 on a skirt. so when i saw the ad for a 70% off Portland Collection sale, it was meant to be. my tense and stressful nature caused me to arrive 20 minutes before the doors opened to find myself with only about 15-20 people in line. the sale started at 9, and by the time that i left, at 9:15, everything worth getting was gone. i came away with the beautiful oswego mini skirt, and while if given the chance i might have taken a smaller size (and the beautiful black & white coat i tried to convince another girl not to buy), i LOVE it. i wore it for the first time friday and received numerous outlandish compliments. and so, i wanted to share with you two photos from the Portland Collection website that document my shopping game face. luckily, i am not the center focus of either, but i’m there! don’t mess with me and my shopping.

pendleton sale 1
pendleton sale 2

photos taken by and for portlandcollection.net

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vacation part 4

and in the end… we went to disneyland.


we rode every ride we wanted, more than once. the photos don’t show the millions and millions of people we were at disneyland with, but they were there. in the mornings as we walked to the gate, behind us in line everywhere with their strollers and children and extended families, girl scout troops, little league teams. i increased my vinylmation collection, drank glowy drinks and probably shook up my brain more than ultimately necessary. it was a great way to end our holiday vacation.

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vacation part 3

there are four parts to my vacation. i know you are wondering if i will ever get on to real life things happening now instead of a month ago – soon. the last time i had an out of town vacation was in april 2010, so excuse me while i draw this one out. honestly nothing too crazily amazing is happening in real-time kateventureland, so you are lucky i have this to share!

after the hike we spent a few days recuperating. i had my first ever massage. we broke away from our on-the-road starbucks fiending and found some real coffee shops. we visited ASU and had tsoynamis on more than one occasion. we played with our holiday gifts, and helped ninja play with his. it was wonderful.IMG_0257

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vacation part 2

before the holidays, ryan and i decided we had some unfinished business with the superstition mountains. in 2006, pre-ninja and marriage, vegetarianism and a smattering of other life changing events, we traveled to visit ryan’s parents in their new arizona home. we went on water slides, relaxed in the sunshine, and attempted to hike the superstition mountains. our first attempt went something like this:

 mtns 2 old
 mtns 1 old

that is as close as we got, as far as we made it to the top of the flat iron. in our defense, it was a warm April day. there were bugs and lizards and possibly snakes somewhere. there was little for us to do but just give up.
5 and a half years later, with arizona and a 3 week vacation on the horizon, we decided a real effort should be made this time around. we are healthier, have matured, live a more active lifestyle. somehow we felt up for the challenge. ryan had hiked it as a child, how hard could it really be? plus we knew there would be lots of non-vegan dessert to be had over the holidays and hiking seemed like a fair way to justify it. and so, on december 26th we packed up a backpack full of water, some food, cameras and cell phones, and headed out.




trust me when i tell you that this was one of the most difficult things we have ever done together. there is a reason i took very few photos from the ‘during’ process of our hike. maybe there are several reasons. as soon as the hike started getting difficult i started getting annoyed and just pushing ahead. i barely let ryan stop for water, and i just could NOT believe how long and rough of a hike it was! realistically, i knew nothing about what point we were hiking to, or that it would mostly be scrambling up rocks holding on for your life. oh, and no one told me that after 3 hours of hiking over rocks you would have to scale a 12 foot rock wall in which your only leverage point was a tree growing out of the rock about 6 feet up. !!! not to mention families with children and dogs just raged on ahead of us, one perk of hiking it right after christmas. if we had fallen, someone would have definitely found us. if we had wandered off into rocky territory looking for trail markers that were not there, someone at least would have heard our screams. but it was all worth it in the end, as the photos show. we loved it, we felt accomplished, and we were thankful when we made it down in one piece with no broken bones. i did skin my knee, and by the end i could barely walk, but hey, we didn’t quit!

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vacation part 1

we had a wonderful vacation that felt quite full of adventure. taking the cat anywhere is usually an adventure – he is afraid of the smallest and strangest things. like when you gargle water, or move a blanket underneath him. so, what was an end-of-world scenario for the cat, was stressful and exciting at the same time for ryan and i. here are some photos from part 1 – christmas.


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happy holidays

wrapping up things around the house before vacation is tough. this will be our first christmas away from ‘our’ home in 4 years. fortunately we have enjoyed the tree for almost a month, and while ninja is nowhere near over it, i feel OK. the holidays slip by every year and i never feel like i have enjoyed them enough. it isn’t about the gifts and the anticipation of christmas day for me. it is about the season, the lights and music, the warmth. i’m not sure ryan understands it, but you really need only look around to see the special events that surround this season and no other. yes, consumerism – but isn’t that always present these days? i don’t feel pressure to give gifts, to shop for meaningless things because the TV says that i must, but i know others do. that is not what slips by for me.

regardless, i’m looking forward to being back on the road, visiting new as well as familiar places. ready for a little change.

peacock lane 2011
  edible portland


what’s in a name?

yep, i changed the name of this little blog. as it sat unused for so long, ryan decided to branch off into a blog-itory of his own. i sense life changes up ahead, and the name and focus of this blog, once it revives, may change again. for now, please check out the ryan, of kate and ryan in portland fame, over here:

iame  10.29.11

click on the photo above to be taken to ninja defense

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hello again

wow, that was rough. the last 4 months have involved intense staring at spreadsheets, stomach aches over emails and dread of harming client relationships. it is now, however, in the past (and none of my fears came to fruition). this week was my return to normalcy. 7 more work-days to go until we hop in the car toward new adventures. all of us, family style. i realize counting down my life in work-days is probably not a good sign. lets just wait and see how i feel after a 19 day vacation!

in between work and sleep, i somehow managed to tackle holiday shopping. i guess all the stress at work lead me to amazon. my home, on the other hand, could use a bit more holiday cheer. i’m up early today, so we’ll see what happens.

 ninja + tree 2011
 tree 2011


hello blog

to sum up the last month: awful.

the reason: the day job.

status of this blog: wobbly at best until the new year.

i see changes on the horizon, but getting through the end of 2011 will be a stressful struggle. i can only hope to find bright spots and let the stress go as much as possible.

last weekend we took a day trip to seattle for a waffle breakfast. it was a full day of driving, but nice to escape for a minute.


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welcome fall

this weekend felt like the legitimate beginning of fall. the weather was rainy at times, cool, and even a little sunny for a moment. but never hot, never turn back on the fans weather. i got a new pair of fall boots (not a splurge, i assure you – most necessary!) and lived in them all weekend, from a friend’s oktoberfest celebration to a wedding. i have come to the realization that when taking photographs i should be wearing my glasses as i’m often focusing in the distance (i also need some sort of external flash, or one of these guys). the distance is the area i can’t see very well, and i’m a fool for not realizing this sooner.  i grow so weary of my frames, and perhaps this week will seek out some new light easy to throw on the face frames. at least they are covered by insurance and only on the cusp of flagrant spending. or so i tell myself.
 oktoberfest 3
 oktoberfest 2
 oktoberfest 1