we went on a vacation…

… in May. we went on a vacation in May and i chose to share not one glorious iphone photo with you, blog. we decided to go back to Disneyland because we loved it so on our first visit. i hate to say this, but i am just now even entertaining the thought of returning to Disneyland again in life. Disney World is another story, but DLand? it is going to be a while. we fully wore ourselves out, spent way too much money, ate way too much hummus. vegan eats at the happiest place on earth are not very happy at all. despite the extensive internet research i thought i had done, we were not fully prepared to be starving and survive on 4 days of hummus sandwiches – made in the hotel room at odd hours. Cars Land was glorious and so much fun, but adding that extra area on to the madness that is already two ‘walkable’ parks equaled Kate & Ryan workout fest back and forth and back and forth. people and lines, lines and people. strollers and babies and children and people. as you can tell, i still haven’t come to terms with how it all went down.

club 33 y'all

first day. already mad.

when we got onto the freeway and drove away from anaheim, it was like the clouds were parting and we could start to move past it all. and then we found a Veggie Grill and wept tears of vegan joy. just kidding, it wasn’t at all that dramatic, but we were absolutely starving. we went on to have an amazing few days in Santa Monica. compared to Disneyland, LA seemed so normal. we had a great time.

no vacations are on our horizon. we are about to embark on one of the most terrifying and real-life experiences to date – homeownership!


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