on being vegan

At the beginning of the year we decided to take the step from vegetarianism to veganism. We made the choice to become vegetarians based on a love for animals and intolerance of animal cruelty. Becoming vegan was for the same reasons really, and we have now eliminated animal products completely from our diet.

I don’t think that all people should become vegan or vegetarian. I make the effort not to judge anyone for their decisions, especially when they have no impact on my life. I can also understand the argument that animals can be raised and slaughtered humanely, but for us it is easier to eliminate these items from our diet than research and visit farms or simply trust what we read or hear. And regardless, we love animals and can’t stand the thought of killing them to eat. We are not fighting for our survival and have the freedom to make this choice.

The most difficult thing for me over the past few months has been thinking about the way I consume non-edible items. No more leather shoes or purses. I don’t think the smart idea would be to get rid of all of my ‘things’ containing animal, but I’m making an effort not to purchase new ones. Will I take a pair of barely-worn leather pumps from a friend? If they fit, sure. Would I consider purchasing a vintage or second-hand leather handbag or wallet? Possibly. I live and work in a community in which appearance is judged and holds some importance, and I cannot roll around day to day in hemp shoes and cotton pants. I’m not sure I even would if the choice was given to me, especially with the growing market of “vegan” fashions. But I’m happy that we have decided to make this change.

http://www.seedsnow.com/blogs/news/7753427-veganism-debunked-info-graphic – This is an awesome graphic that helps debunk some common thoughts on veganism.

I must say I do miss the thought of cheese, but fortunately Cabot is hard to come by in Oregon. Does this mean I will never eat cheese again? I can’t say that for sure. I also can’t say we are fully informed about every product that is in every item we purchase and consume. But for now we are working on becoming better vegans, eating even more real food, and focusing on the positive things in life.

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