looking in

last weekend i attended a crazy portland event. Pendleton, well known for their amazing blankets and plaid, created the super hip Portland Collection last year. if you don’t know about this, you clearly don’t read enough fashion blogs – and probably spend your time doing much more productive things. however, the Portland Collection was an inspiration. by inspiration i mean it made me buy a less expensive plaid dress from LLBean Signature that someone might mistake for the Portland Collection. no offense LLBean, i love the dress. at this point in my life however, i am not yet in the market to spend $500 on a coat or $180 on a skirt. so when i saw the ad for a 70% off Portland Collection sale, it was meant to be. my tense and stressful nature caused me to arrive 20 minutes before the doors opened to find myself with only about 15-20 people in line. the sale started at 9, and by the time that i left, at 9:15, everything worth getting was gone. i came away with the beautiful oswego mini skirt, and while if given the chance i might have taken a smaller size (and the beautiful black & white coat i tried to convince another girl not to buy), i LOVE it. i wore it for the first time friday and received numerous outlandish compliments. and so, i wanted to share with you two photos from the Portland Collection website that document my shopping game face. luckily, i am not the center focus of either, but i’m there! don’t mess with me and my shopping.

pendleton sale 1
pendleton sale 2

photos taken by and for portlandcollection.net

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One thought on “looking in

  1. Liam says:

    hey that is me walking in the door.

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