book club

i’m still reading away. this week it is On Writing by Stephen King. i liked to write when i was younger, but these days it is all about the business email. sent to one or many, outlining in the clearest way possible only the essential information. i like to think that i excel at this, but i don’t really mean to brag… this book is fascinating however, and i’m glad to have picked it up. my favorite quote so far, “life isn’t a support-system for art. it’s the other way around.”

it is busy season again. my days are non-stop from the minute i walk into the place but i can’t really complain. i have been planning and dreaming lately, about vacations and weekends and the direction of our life. i’m thinking a change is on the horizon, if we can work up the nerve. or we will just continue at the same pace, in the same track, day in day out. lock the door, get on the bus, unlock the door, sleep, repeat.


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