fashion week

what a horrible time for a self inflicted spending freeze! with fashion’s night out on thursday, i had to remove myself from downtown just to resist seeing the Pendleton Portland Collection in person. i have purchased a gift and card for a friend’s birthday – but this friend gave me a birthday gift this year that will never be topped! more on that someday soon perhaps… but things have been on track this week. ryan left town for a few shows, i plan to tackle a large to-do list both at home and around town this weekend along with a day spent at work. busy season is hard to escape…  and the spending freeze will be tough to combat. i sadly spend at times because i feel that i work so hard and deserve to buy myself material objects – as if they will make up for the time i spend away from home. i can’t say that this works or not, but i end up with too many things, and the want to be rewarded does not subside.

portland 9.9.11


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