several weeks ago i volunteered at a corgi dog event in Portland. adorable dogs, quirky owners. watching all of these humans come together with this common bond of dog breed was fascinating. as was seeing members of the corgi rescue team reunite with dogs they had placed, as well as dogs they had bred. it didn’t make me want one really, i’m not sure how i feel about pure bred animals, but it was certainly a spectacle. if only i could have followed them around on their walk to catch the expressions of those that they passed by. one corgi is cute, 150 is cute overload!
Corgi Walk
Corgi Walk
Corgi Walk
Corgi Walk

and then there was this guy….
 Corgi Walk


One thought on “volunteering

  1. Bbrooke says:

    I adore corgis; why I am not sure. Lovely photos as always. M.

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