after the flood

i want to post pictures of animals here, and fairs and tell you about the fun times we have been having. it is hard to find a person untouched by extreme weather these days, the unexpected destructive surprise arriving when you lease expect it. but vermonters are strong, and i know they will make it through. being surrounded by people all day all of the time you start to forget what it is like to stand outside where there are no street lights and you can actually see the stars. to be cut off figuratively and now literally in the beautiful green summer that is vermont, i feel for those people. but i know they will survive, and i miss my home.

it is comforting to know (i suppose) that i’m not the only ex-vermonter who feels this way. reading stories, watching videos, hearing people in my same situation – far from home, still somehow connected – makes me realize what an amazing place it is. i know i hated it for a good portion of my upbringing, when all i wanted was to be surrounded by people. but like most things, i have come around to the opposite way of thinking these days.

i saw this on facebook, and then on a blog that i read based in PDX, honey kennedy. these shirts are great, and hopefully this little independent vermont company will stay afloat – no pun intended. there is clearly a market for these shirts, even for ex-hope-to-be-again-someday-vermonters.

photo via Independent Vermont Clothing Co.


2 thoughts on “after the flood

  1. PK McMahon says:

    Any news of your hometown? I’m so sad for your beautiful home state!

    • katemargaret says:

      Yes, Waterbury was hit pretty hard. Businesses and homes were destroyed, but luckily they are not cut off in the way that many towns were. There are some photos posted at and of Waterbury and the surrounding Valley areas.

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