goodbye june

the last few days of june are here, and my goals sit mostly unfinished! at least i tried – or did i? i sort of hit a rut mid-month, and decided that the most important thing for me was to work (obviously) and spend time with ninja. after mom visited ninja hit a low point – or maybe that was me? flea medicine seems to have helped [him] bounce back. windows have been opened around the house, and now both of us are feeling fine.

each day we patiently wait for ryan to return. in ninja-time, ryan has probably been gone for about 6 months!
ninja 6.28.11
i’m working on my 4th book of the year toward my 12 book goal. it is unlikely i will finish it and start another by tomorrow, but i’m still focused on my 12 by september! and many other would-be goals are swimming around in my head. i can hardly believe the year is half over. one step closer to christmas! i may be the only person who wants to hear that, but it is true. i read a recipe this morning for a banana almond milk shake with christmas-y spices, and it sounds like a perfect warm weather treat, if only we had a blender. i will have to settle for ice cream for now i suppose, in very un-christmas-y flavors.


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