happy birthday ryan

it is hard to believe this is the 7th birthday i have spent with ryan. i can remember them all if i think hard enough, all the way from his 21st at the Portland City Grill. this year he is getting ready to leave for a month, so i am happy we have had the past few days to spend together – even if he is super stressed and working almost around the clock. for my birthday last year we got a vegan cake. the tradition has held and this year he requested gingerbread with orange frosting, and it is delicious! we started in on it yesterday, since not only is today his birthday it is also his album release day and 3 days before he departs!


we don’t generally celebrate holidays outside of christmas, nor do we give cards or gifts. but i’m glad to be here, glad to have ryan, and looking forward to what the next year may hold.


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