it begins again

i just watched an ant disappear under one of the keys of the keyboard. i’m wondering if furiously typing for a few minutes will squash him. ants on my desk, really spring? the windowsill, the bathroom, OK. but my DESK!? ugh gross, however one of the sure signs that spring is here. in portland we can’t really look back and say there will be no more snow or hard frost – because honestly that never happens at all. there will be no more december for a few months i suppose.

this long weekend was without work for the first time in a month or so. friday and saturday were sunny and beautiful, little was accomplished, and i’m not ready to go back.

 saturday lawn
 april showers

no sign of the ant yet… a few words about the photos. friday an unknown person decided that the grass in front of our apartment was the perfect place to sit, read, smoke and drink. i spent some time tidying up our front porch in hopes of spending some time out there myself. and of course, the unrelenting rain, even amongst the sunshine.


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