sorry for the lack of blogging. last week was a blur, very full of uneventfully busy day jobbing. i did however have a minor “day of beauty” and now have a new hairstyle. i love it. my one day off yesterday was full of fun with ryan, as much fun as we could have in this cloudy town. we discovered the most amazing veggie burger food cart, and ryan let me ‘hop’ it up at the mash tun. sometimes i miss our bar-hopping days, until i realize how much more fun we are having without them – and how much money we aren’t spending. a stop at the craft store, the music store, and then there was this guy. my unglassed blindness led me to believe i was mistaken and he was inside, but in fact he only wished that he was.

 let me in 1
 let me in 2
today sunday morning is all about animals, and it is the greatest gift to be given before i begin my 12 day workweek ahead. let me find a little sanity in all of this, somehow.


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