New IAME Album: “Lame”

ryan has been hard at work on his new album, and is getting ready for its release on his birthday – May 31st. it is both easy and difficult to watch someone work feverishly at something that they love. difficult because you want to see them succeed and easy because it seems like the most natural thing in the world yet how many people really pursue their dreams? i think it is incredibly admirable to recognize what you truly desire in life and go after it, even though that hardly goes hand in hand with the life goals of others – home ownership (is that even a thing anymore?), family, financial stability… yet as i write this i can see that the “American Dream” has truly been altered by our time, and perhaps success at something you love is the new standard. i can only hope so.

please check out his kickstarter page, and watch the great video that he made. he has been working so hard, and is just asking for a little bit of support in return. he has always had support from his family and me, but now he needs support from all the people who have come to shows, all the people who download his music for free, watch his videos online, love his music. why not?

IAME is Lame
photo by kate


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