finally friday

i couldn’t be happier that the weekend is almost here.

saturday is my last photography class. i’m sad to see the 6 weeks come to a close, but i feel i am walking away with great info about studio lighting – especially since i had no knowledge of it in the first place! the opportunities for me to shoot in a light studio will be few and probably close to none apart from my 5 hours of free studio time next week. although the class was only 3 hours per session, i will be glad to have that weekend time back. i’m ready to introduce saturday morning workouts back into my life.

i finally purchased a student edition of Adobe CS5 Basic – at an amazing discount. Photoshop class last night was great, and it is hard to believe THAT will be half-over next week!

i have 2 photos to share today. one i have been saving for a thursday love post, but whatever… the other is a photo i took of some cookies last weekend with a little FX.

 MMM Wallet

 stained glass cookies

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