at RC’s reception small disposable cameras were passed out amongst the tables. you know, the kind with the wind-up flash? i have heard about this at weddings before, and thought it was a cute idea since everyone seems to love taking photos of other people. our table discussed this seemingly old technology, where one would even go to develop a disposable camera, etc. in the back of my mind i thought, these photos will never see the light of day! 50 small cameras that need to have film developed?? no way.

i was so terribly wrong, as last night – less than 48 hours after the actual reception – nearly 200 photos showed up on Facebook. here are a few…

reception 6
reception 4
reception 5

holy awkward pose on that last one kate – somehow i thought it wasn’t going to be a full body shot? i’m not sure what i thought, other than that it would be years before i saw this photo.

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One thought on “flashes

  1. PK McMahon says:

    Good pictures of you both and the beautiful Bride!

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