last night with the second and final in my Creative Suite Fundamentals class at the college of art. the class itself is mostly designed to be 5 hours of prerequisite information for one of their full “tools” classes – either Photoshop, Illustrator or InDesign. the first night was mostly a lecture, but a very informative one about vector and raster images, brief overview or when to use what program, explanation of some toolbars and panels, file types, pixels and resolution, etc. the second night was fully hands on, and we took a photo into photoshop, edited it, moved it into InDesign to create a 2-sided 4×6 postcard with script, fonts, and then finally inserted a logo design we converted into a vector traced image in Illustrator. it was SO much fun. the only unenjoyable parts about it were the few hours at work thinking about how tired i already was and how much i didn’t want to be in class until 9. once i got to class however, those feelings completely disappeared. also, some of the people in the class were not mac users, so they kept asking basic questions, tab-ing out of their correct screens, and not following proper direction. our instructor was very knowledgable, and is also teaching the Photoshop Tools class that starts next week – 8 weeks of Thursday night classes for about $445. i haven’t signed up yet, and if i didn’t have to worry about eating for the next few weeks i probably would! i got to save the files that i made last night, but unfortunately i don’t own the Creative Suite 5 (or 4, or 3 for that matter) and at $1,200 i probably never will.

my photography class on the other hand is still going strong, and although i don’t get to take too many photos, we have created a sharing group on Flickr (locked to you all unfortunately) where there are actually a few shots of me in class and NOT under the horrifying lights and in front of an amateurs camera. it is not a pretty sight!

in class
can you see me in the back there?

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One thought on “classes

  1. PK McMahon says:

    Your class sounds great. That’s probably what I need for my patterns. I still feel like I’m muddling through this process most of the time.

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