no more drama – for now

i couldn’t let the cell phone thing go, it was torturing me. 2 weekends ago i stopped into my local store and purchased outright a new phone. it had a slide out keyboard, a beautiful shiny screen, everything i had hoped for. after a few days i knew it wasn’t right, and i brought it back to the store thinking i would return it and buy another phone, something less snazzy that i could handle. i ended up canceling my service with my provider and purchasing a virgin mobile phone ($60) and a no-contract monthly plan ($25). so what was once 1 months charge for service (not counting the hundreds i spent on the new on-service phone, which i have since returned) is now a totally new phone plus a month of service. i am thrilled.

the cell phone search became a catalyst for changing the way i spend money on my phone service. i realized that despite the amazingness of my phone, i wasn’t using it. i don’t need the bells and whistles – and the only person who ever calls or texts me is ryan, so why pay for the extras? my new no-contract phone will let me access the internet for free, but it isn’t forcing me to. the option to twitter or facebook is there, but lets face it – i just don’t do it. my new phone is basic, and i’m OK with that – finally. oh what lessons we learn when we are free to purchase in an open market.

in completely unrelated semi-news, here is a photo from my lighting class. i have attended 2 classes now, and can’t wait to tell you about them.

 lighting week 2

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