weekend recap

another long weekend for me – probably the last for quite some time. friday night we finally went to see Black Swan – and we will definitely see it again. my favorite Darren Aronofsky film is by FAR the Fountain – but Black Swan was definitely great.

we also spent some time watching the United States of Tara – Season 2. we both just love this show, and Toni Collette is endlessly talented.

i took down the christmas decorations, and yesterday i took down the tree. ninja is bummed, but our living room looks huge. the saddest part for me is that every morning he would follow me downstairs and wait while i turned on the tree lights – which seemed to give him lots of joy. this morning he is sitting in my lap as i type, so i guess it isn’t too bad for now – and what i thought was joy over the tree could have just been joy over finally being fed… but i’ll stick with the tree hypothesis.

here are a few photos i got over the weekend. it was clear and frozen, and felt a lot like Vermont winter – minus the snow of course.

russell st.
ryan's new guitar
mt hood 1.3.11


One thought on “weekend recap

  1. PK McMahon says:

    I see Ryan picked up a guitar! Hope he found it at a good price. Happy New Year!!!!!

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