a resolution

for the past week i have become fixated on my cell phone. i hate my cell phone – it is the worst cell phone i have ever had. once i thought i had dropped it on the ground while i was getting out of the car, and a weight was lifted from my shoulders! this burden of the worst cell phone was finally gone – until ryan found it on the floor of the car for me.

the phone itself generally does what i want it to do – but on a scale of 1-10 it completes each task at about a 3. it is not really trying, and i can sense this. my fixation has gone from anger to flirting with the other phones out there, the other service providers who promise that their phones will work for me. new phones, phones who will do what i tell them quickly and with ease. who will let me type real words instead of fake half-words. who will take beautiful photos and display them beautifully on a screen that i don’t need to squint to see. every time i mention this to ryan, he reminds me of the words of louis ck: “everything’s amazing, and nobody’s happy…we live in an amazing world, and it is wasted on the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots”. louis ck’s insight here applies exactly to the situation i feel that i’m facing. my amazing phone, that ‘goes to space’ to get me answers, is not performing up to par. once upon a time i did not have a phone or the possibility of a universe of answers at my fingertips. i have clearly been spoiled.

ryan and i usually don’t do much to celebrate the new years. i do plan to reflect a bit on 2010 today, and hopefully come up with a list of the wonderful things that happened for us as i know there were many. so many fortunate events and effects of the time we live in, the city and the advantages we have all around us. i’m going to focus on that.


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