king arthur delivery

ryan and i have been very fortunate over the past year to receive monthly deliveries of king arthur flour mixes. we have made cinnamon rolls, scones, pancakes, king’s cake, almond filled sweet bread, eggnog sugar cookies, on and on and on. tonight i sorted through my recent deliveries, and decided on cinnamon caramel monkey bread.

king arthur

it is, of course, amazingly delicious. to alleviate a little of the ‘guilt’ we might feel eating this entire thing ourselves, i substituted apple sauce for the butter, cornstarch + water for the eggs, and honey for the corn syrup. fortunately, oh so fortunately, it came out perfect. it even sort of resembles the version from their website! i’m sure it would be even better with the added ingredients they call for, but really, anything i have ever made from king arthur flour has been amazing. whenever i open a new mix, i am guaranteed a delicious treat. the monthly deliveries in 2010 were truly gifts that continue to give. lucky for me, i have a supply of boxes stacked on the shelf for 2011.

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