gifts from vermont

this week i was fortunate enough to receive an early holiday gift from Vermont! really it was from my mother (i ♥ you mom!), but it was sent all the way from the green mountain state with love.


this year will mark the 4th holiday season i have not spent in Vermont. no snow, no mountains, no quiet frozen moonlit evenings. no waking up early to open gifts, then drifting back off to sleep only to wake up and head over to grandma’s house to do it all over again. no ham, no orange cinnamon rolls. inside of that box was a little bit of vermont that will help me through the holidays:


yesterday in the mail we also received a small catalogue from Cabot cheese. i want just about every item they are offering, for the memories as much as the flavors – because no one really does sharp cheese right out here in Oregon. now that i think about it, most things from Vermont are much better than their other-coast counterparts. so i poured myself a shot of maple syrup, in my VT shot glass of course. it helped, at least for a little while.


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2 thoughts on “gifts from vermont

  1. Jacquelyn says:

    It is possible to get your Cabot fix in Portland! Check here to find your closest retail location:
    Not included on the list is New Seasons Market 🙂 You can always order from our website as well. Enjoy, and thanks for your support!

  2. katemargaret says:

    WOW, thanks Cabot!!

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