the weekend begins

yesterday the christmas tree arrived at pioneer square. one of the best parts about the day job is the chance to watch these things unfold. they bring in the tree with 2 trucks (assembly required), and it is quite an event – santa even makes a pre-holiday appearance.

welcome tree 2010

adding even more excitement to a dreary friday, i was once again fortunate enough to win tickets to a weekend event. the NW Film & Video Festival has been taking place all week, and i scored free tickets to Dead Hooker in a Trunk. i know what you are thinking, but this movie was right up my alley. written directed and staring twin sisters from Vancouver BC, it tells the story of 4 unique individuals and their discovery and attempt to dispose of a dead hooker in their trunk. it was indie, brutal, and somewhat strange, but i liked it! sort of death proof + blood car + the soska sisters. not only were the tickets complimentary and the entertainment top notch, we got to view the film in a theater at the art museum. a great way to spend a friday night!

film fest
you hate my camera

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