turning the page

yesterday was our last trip to Shelton, and if all goes as planned we won’t have to go back for two years. i hope that someday soon we can travel to washington to go shopping, or see a concert, or do something awesomely fun. it seems as though the past 4 and a half months had been leading up to this day, each trip adding on to the eventual outcome without ever knowing what that would be.


when we returned safely to Portland, we went out to a packed show at Berbati’s Pan – likely the last show we will ever experience there before they close down the music venue at the end of the year. thinking of how many times we have both been out to Berbati’s, it is strange to think i will no longer be taken to the stumbling blocks trying to see a show. the art exhibit this month was my favorite part though – way to go out with a bang!

mummy rat

on our way to said stumbling blocks last night, sober as usual, a bicyclist hit (with his fist) the side of our car as I was waiting to make a right turn. he was apparently angry that i wanted to make this right turn, even though i saw him in my rearview mirror as he decided to go around me to the left, as my car was stopped waiting for pedestrians to cross the street. if only i could reach out and punch a biker as they passed – because they truly do get special treatment in this town. what a jerk, and giving bike commuters across the city a bad name in my book – especially considering how concientious i am about them, how often i wait and let them go, how much i scan for them before i pull out of side streets. Portland, you may be beautiful, but sometimes you are full of idiots.



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