welcome winter!

here we are finally, in what has become my favorite season. for some reason the calendar flipping to november gives me this feeling of the holidays. growing up in vermont i think i always liked winter, but not quite the way that i do now. perhaps because Portland rarely gets snow, or because i can look year-round upon a mountain covered in it, i just love it. i like turning on the heat and watching the crazy weather go by – having the cold morning shock me awake. and warm beverages indoors of course.

mmm chai

last week there was a special day at Pioneer Courthouse Square. they began setting up mid-morning – in the pouring rain.

hello kitty in the square

when i finally got out for a break, it was really drizzly, but hello kitty and her 50th anniversary bus were still there! the weather didn’t stop me from purchasing a really adorable USB and snapping this picture of a very happy woman with hello kitty. no, i do not know the woman – nor did i myself hug hello kitty (hello bedbugs?! just kidding!)

hello kitty!

but the winter weather didn’t stop these folks, and i look forward to the next few seasons full of events in the cold rain – and maybe even snow.


One thought on “welcome winter!

  1. PK McMahon says:

    It’s my favorite season also! Although the winters down here do not have your typical weather!! It’s the best time of year in AZ!

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