good mornings

with Ryan off to class in WA all day, i decided to meet up with RC for brunch. Ryan and i seem to avoid eating out for breakfast. we do wake up early, we do love coffee, and yet we do not ever indulge in the craze that is Portland foodie brunch. i hate lines, and we specifically choose to dine where we will not be forced to wait and stare at happy people eating while our stomaches growl. so, no Ryan equals perfect opportunity to try out Tasty n Sons – the latest brunch craze in PDX, conveniently located 0.8 miles from my house.

tasty n sons

i have read extensively about this restaurant since it opened. i frequent yelp, and like to know what i’m getting myself into before i take the first step when it comes to spending good money on food. i don’t like to be surprised, and i don’t like to learn lessons the hard way. i want to know a place is good, i want to know how long i can expect to wait, and i want to know if they have vegetarian options or if my order will end in “…without the meat”. i would not take Ryan to Tasty n Sons, because he dislikes hipsters and the newest hot-spots regardless of the quality of food. i knew RC would be perfect for this restaurant, because she has visited just about every place in Portland worth visiting. luckily, she had not yet been to tasty!

thanks to my neurotic punctuality, we decided to meet before they opened their doors. i knew it would be busy from the get-go, and it was a good thing we were on time because we were probably the last pair of people seated before the restaurant had a waiting list – at 9:07AM. that’s right, within the first 7 minutes of opening their doors they were full. and i thought i was an early riser.

the breakfast was delicious, and the company was even better. it was great to catch up with RC – and she even let me photograph some of her food! and now, on with the day.

glazed yamsglazed yams with cumin-maple

bacon datesgriddled bacon wrapped date with maple syrup &  almond

french toastauntie paula’s french toast with with mixed berry-maple & whipped cream

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