post-concert wrap-up

last thursday, Ryan and i went to not one but TWO concerts downtown. first, as mentioned previously, die antwoord at the crystal ballroom. the show wasn’t completely sold out, but there were a ton more people than i expected. i guess the portland/metro area internet geeks were out in full effect, many of them under 21, many of them scantily dressed. we stood in the back and watched people come in before the show actually began, and i wish that i had had some sort of authority to turn people around or call their parents. there was lots of forever21 and american apparel, spandex and boots. i’m pretty sure i saw someone vomit on the floor, and then watched as a number of people unknowingly danced in the slippery spots. yuck. but the show was cool, and i’m glad we had tickets. i can’t say i would buy tickets to another one of their shows, but it was worth it to see the internet sensation brought to life.

we left a few songs before the end of their set, and headed over to the Someday Lounge where they were having their weekly event The Fix. i had read earlier in the day that soul singer Bilal would be performing, and since he is one of Ryan’s favorite performers, i knew we had to go. we walked in, and about 30 minutes later he was taking the stage. unfortunately i didn’t have my camera, but a lot of people around me did. as you may notice below, we got real personal with Bilal that night.

Bilal @ The Fix (
do you see us in the bottom right corner!? that was where we stood for the entire set, and it was one of the most amazing performances that i have ever seen – Ryan agrees. Bilal has an unbelievable voice, and his band did a great job filling out the sound. it was just awesome, not to mention he basically sang to us the entire time.

Bilal @ The Fix (

i can’t really say enough about Bilal, and recommend you pick up one of his CD’s if you want to hear a truly talented singer. soul, neo-soul, rock and roll whatever you want to call it, he can hold it down. it was a great ending to a great night, and although i only got about 3.5 hours of sleep before work the next day, i would re-live it in an instant. this whole thing reminds me how lucky i am to have found Ryan, because without him i would have likely missed out on all of this.

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