thursday love

i know that i have mentioned Barre3 a few times here, and most of the people that are close to me know how much i adore it. i was never really interested in structured workout programs, and although my day job offers a free gym membership i could never bring myself to go. but for some reason i went to barre3, and it turned into a real love affair. i had no experience with yoga, pilates or ballet before barre3, and no other workout that i have done makes me feel as strong or in shape. i started in early february of 2010, and went 4 times a week until may. by july i had to cut back my membership for financial reasons but i still love to go at least once a week, and twice is my goal. they have two studios in portland, on two opposite sides of town. the pearl studio is just what you’d expect from the fancy neighborhood, and the SE studio is more laid back with greater variations in clientele. if you are ever in portland, and really want to work it out, barre3 is your place.

barre3 portland

tonight we are going to see die antwoord. i can’t say that i recommend their music, and i can’t say that you would enjoy it. they are a “rap group” from south africa, and from the moment i saw their first music video my interest with piqued. they are a girl a guy and a dj, and they sing and rap in english mixed with afrikaans slang and are generally odd and possibly offensive. what they really are is performance art, and i can’t wait to experience the show.

die antwoord portland

halloween is almost here! the past few years i have carved stars into my pumpkins and i have really liked the outcome. this year i’m going to attempt something even cuter.


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