this weekend can definitely be summed in one word: coffee. friday, Mel and i took a break at work to participate in the Sip Coffee for a Cause event happening in pioneer square. we tasted about a dozen local coffee brews and voted on our favorite. it was a benefit for the ywca and was definitely a great event, although it did leave me a bit jittery for the rest of the work day.

sip coffee

in addition to this event, and likely because of it, on friday i was gifted by a partner at the office a $50 (!!!) gift card to Barista – a local coffee shop chain (two locations) here in portland. Ryan and i had never visited either location, but i had noticed the one on alberta several times, so i was thrilled by the gift. not to mention we love coffee! they aren’t a roaster, but do specialize in carrying beans from renowned roasters, including stumptown. we went to the alberta shop on both saturday and sunday, and the coffee was really delicious. i had my first straight shot espresso, and think i may have to start ordering them on a more regular basis – at least at Barista.

barista 3

barista 2


saturday night we went out to the sway bar to say hello to a friend who recently moved to southern CA. he told us stories about working at nordstrom and meeting kim kardashian, justin timberlake, and arnold schwarzenegger. he also lives close to the beach, and i am generally jealous that he is somewhere other than portland. not that i want to live in LA or santa monica, but hearings stories of other lands really makes me think.

sway bar

sway bar 2

we wrapped up our saturday night at pix. i just love this place, despite the interesting waitstaff, who one moment seem to like you and the next seem to wish that you didn’t exist. we split a salt, pepper and olive oil macaron (amazing) and each ordered a cock & bull ginger beer (soda, of course).

ginger beer


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