washington part two (or three, or four…)

driving up to WA has its challenges. thankfully we didn’t have to leave too early on wednesday, and i got to visit barre3 for a good start to a day off from the day job. Ryan noticed he had a huge puffed out lip, so we got assembled and took him to zoomcare. they are super speedy and recently opened a location on Alberta – ultra convenient! we’re still not sure what caused the puff, but after prescribing some antibiotics and anti-inflamitories, his lip has returned to normal size.

these trips to Shelton have really been a bummer, and it is not a place that i would ever intentionally go. this time we were very early, and got to drive around town. we stopped at a diner in hopes of some good coffee, but the place was probably not worth revisiting (or visiting for the first time).  eventually we were given the OK to head home so we sped quickly away toward Olympia in need of this

i’m beginning to really like Olympia, and the Olympia coffee roasting co has the most amazing coffee. it is a happy point in these somewhat solemn northern drives. we got to eat our first (and my only) meal of the day at the Voyeur. i took no pictures of the food there, since i shoved it in my mouth as soon as it was set in front of me, but we had some delicious tempeh sandwiches, salad and hummus. YUM. i may have even gotten a little late summer suntan from our outdoor table.

this is possibly my most favorite photo of the day, and one of my most loved self-portraits to date – taken in the restroom at the voyeur.

see you next time, WA!


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