when i got home from work on monday i was greeted with two handmade cards – one stuck to the wall by the door, the other on the kitchen counter. the first was gorgeous pictures of our wedding, the second a hilarious collage of photos of ninja and Ryan. i was totally surprised, and even more impressed when i realized the second card was hiding a sleeve of french macarons from pix patisserie.

i had brought Ryan a shirt from upper playground that matches a pair of Nike’s he recently purchased; he’s big on color matching, and the shoes are this gorgeous combination of dark blue and teal. he immediately put on the shirt (and shoes, of course) and we went out to get a few shots for my photography class. we were working on fill light this week so the object is not the shirt, but you get the idea:

dinner at home and the office was a great way to end our 2 year anniversary. we knew yesterday would be a big and expensive day in washington, so i’m glad we were able to relax at home. more on that washington trip later…



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