weekend beverage recap

the weekend seems to go by in a blur compared to other day-sets. visited a few restaurants, saw a movie, took LOTS of photos. this week’s photography homework was more fun than last week, and i’m learning so many great skills. one of our sunday stops was to the Secret Society – bars being quite a rarity for us these days. with 1/2 of us committed to sobriety, they have just lost their appeal. but, i knew i could get a few great shots to fulfill my assignments.

we also visited Cartola, a gorgeous coffee shop we wandered by on last week’s photo shoot. i can’t wait to go back.

if only i could stare at beautiful pictures all day instead of emails, numbers and endless static calibri typeface. my eyes are tired, my arms are sore from this chair’s low stance, and i’m off to bed.


One thought on “weekend beverage recap

  1. ryan says:

    these pictures are awesome.. I think it is great that you are learning photography.. I plan on exploiting it!

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