out of happiness for another deadline passing, i came home and tried to make these Blueberry White Chocolate Swirls from the eat me, delicious blog that i stumbled upon this week. the author just happens to have a cat that looks like she could be ninja’s sister, so i love the blog even more.

making the kate-adjustments that I often do (applesauce in place of oil, King Arthur wheat flower, no frosting/glaze), i ended up with some sort-of tasty rolls. i tried taking a picture, but our CFL’s are weak, and give off a really crappy glow. SO, i’m going to try again this weekend. probably still making my healthier substitutions. ryan said they were OK, but not bring-to-work worthy. oh well, more for ME!

in other celebratory news, in a sleep deprived daze earlier this week, as i tried to make myself a healthy cup of soup lunch, i ended up spilling it on the floor (dry ingredients only, thank god). so i decided i should go out walking on lunch break and stop at not one, but two places to pick up food. first was Cafe Velo, where i got one of their amazing falafel flatbread sandwiches. then i walked over to the Flavour Spot, and got a Black Forest. i’m not sure what possessed me to go and buy a waffle stuffed with nutella and jam, but it was fluffy and delicious!

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